What is the Tabito?

Experience Dazaifu the moment you get on board.

Tabito combines an exterior featuring various sightseeing destinations and seasonal flowers from Dazaifu with an interior design that incorporates five good-luck patterns. The result is an ambience that overflows with Japanese sensibility while evoking the world of a Japanese-style painting. As you enjoy the Dazaifu-themed interior, you'll find that the journey to your destination will become a treasured memory of your trip.

The train's name comes from Otomo no Tabito, a prolific poet from the Dazaifu area. Since the word in Japanese can also be pronounced "Tabibito," meaning traveler, it's ideal for a train that brings visitors to Dazaifu.

Train Introduction

Boarding the train is its own reward.

The Tabito train incorporates design elements and exhibits that explore the theme of good luck, including interior designs featuring symbols of good luck and a prayer box placed as part of a collaboration with Kamado Shrine, which enshrines the god of good luck in marriage. Choose the car that suits the wish you'd like to have come true.


This car's design is inspired by Kamado Shrine, which enshrines a god loved for his patronage of marriage, and the beautiful foliage that characterizes Dazaifu in the fall.


This car's design is inspired by Enoki-sha Shrine, which enshrines Sugawara Michizane, and the flower of the lotus plant, which adorns the surface of ponds in late summer.


This car's design is inspired by Taikobashi Bridge, which crosses a pond on the shrine's grounds, and the iris, which blooms in the early summer to herald the coming of June.


This car's design is inspired by Sugawara Michizane, who is known as the god of scholarship, and wisteria, which blooms around Shobu Pond on the shrine's grounds in spring.


This car's design is inspired by Dazaifu Tenmangu, which is visited by about 8 million pilgrims every year, and the Japanese apricot tree, which blooms in early spring (late winter).

Travel with five wishes.

Tabito's interior design incorporates five good-luck patterns as part of an ambience that overflows with Japanese sensibility. Enjoy these Dazaifu-themed interiors as you choose the car that suits the wish you'd like to have come true.

This infinitely repeating pattern, which signifies prosperity and long life, is also known as a symbol of good luck in the West.

The gourd is known as a symbol of the prosperity of one's descendants and family luck for its runners and clusters of fruit.

The paired clockwise and counterclockwise swirls of the fret pattern symbolize the yin and the yang, suggesting protection from evil and abundant harvests.

The butterfly, which symbolizes immortality due to its elegance, signifies harmony when depicted in pairs.

The Japanese apricot, which is intimately connected to belief in the spirit of Sugawara Michizane, is said to flower in a particularly beautiful manner when one excels at scholarship.
【Good-luck cards】
Good-luck cards featuring designs from the train's interior are available free-of-charge on the train. Take one home with you as a souvenir of your trip as you ponder what wishes you'd like to have come true.

< Car 3 > Write down your request and head to Kamado Shrine as the Tabito train brings good luck in marriage.

Write down your request on one of the prayer sheets available on the train and bring it to Kamado Shrine to receive a complimentary item commemorating your visit. If you're unable to visit the shrine, leave your request in the prayer box on the train and it will be delivered to the shrine by Nishi-Nippon Railroad on your behalf.

< Car 3 >
Commemorative stamp

*Design subject to change

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